100 Things You Might Not Know About Me

September 14, 2013

100 Things About Me

  1. I believe Jesus Christ is my Savior and Lord
  2. I spent the first 38 years of my life in Washington State
  3. I now live in Florida
  4. I moved here to be with family
  5. I’m in love with my collies
  6. I breed them occasionally
  7. I show them in conformation, obedience, agility and herding
  8. I love to garden
  9. Gardening in Florida ISN’T EASY
  10. I hate weeding (who doesn’t!)
  11. I love reading
  12. I’ve spent way too much money on gardening books in the last two years
  13. I’m a member of Audible and have over 300 books in my collection
  14. I also belong to Amazon Prime – and I love it!
  15. I have three first cousins, two aunts, two uncles and I adore them all
  16. I have one sister that I love dearly
  17. I tried to kill my sister when my mom brought her home (I was 2!)
  18. I fractured my skull when I was 6 months old by jumping out of my crib
  19. I got a concussion when I was 12 by falling off a horse
  20. Two weeks later I got a contusion when I fell off another horse
  21. No, I’m not brain damaged J
  22. I’ve earned two Master’s degrees with a 4.0 GPA (see above)
  23. I essentially didn’t have a social life for the four years I was studying
  24. I’m hoping to be able to earn a Ph.D. someday (If I can afford it!)
  25. I work as an Academic Advisor for an online university (they don’t have Ph.D. programs… yet!)
  26. I’ve recently started teaching the orientation classes and I LOVE IT
  27. I want to be a full-time online teacher – and I WILL be
  28. I’m a caffeinated human being 😦
  29. I have brown eyes, but according to my sister they turn bright green when I cry (it freaks her out)
  30. I love taking pictures
  31. …of my collies
  32. …of my family
  33. …of my garden
  34. …of wildlife
  35. …of plants
  36. …of anything interesting
  37. I missed the shot of a lifetime when the dang crocodile didn’t wait for me to get my camera up before bolting into the water – how rude!
  38. I’ve driven across the United States… Twice
  39. The first time was fun
  40. The second time wasn’t so much fun
  41. Both trips were incredible
  42. I’m trying to live a healthier lifestyle
  43. … It’s really hard to do!
  44. I love to scrapbook
  45. I own all the AKC Studbook Collie pages from 1884 to 1990 something
  46. I’ve spent 100’s of hours researching collie pedigrees
  47. I can trace my collie’s pedigrees back to the first registered collie
  48. I want to visit Israel
  49. I want to go to Crufts
  50. I want to go to the Westminster Dog Show
  51. Stupid people irritate me (sorry!)
  52. I believe there’s a difference between ignorant people and being stupid – the ignorant can learn, stupid people don’t want to
  53. I’m a conservative Republican and proud of it
  54. I love my Mom
  55. I love my Sister
  56. I love my Nieces & Nephew
  57. I’d like to spend more time with my nieces (and nephew when he’s housebroken!)
  58. I love my Brother-In-Law (the current one!)
  59. I’m not going to talk about the previous one 🙂
  60. My momma taught me to say nothing if you can’t say something nice
    …Yes, my momma is a smart, smart woman
  61. I can make my point in just a few words
    …My mom can take an hour to say something I could say in one minute
  62. Yes, it drives me nuts, but I love her anyway!
  63. My mom is a walking dictionary (ok, not about me, but relevant)
    …A walking dictionary comes in handy when you’re studying
  64. I started life as a compulsion based dog trainer
  65. I’m learning to be a reward based trainer (I don’t know how Leanne puts up with me!)
    …Thank you, Leanne, for putting up with me!
  66. My collies like the reward based me better than the compulsion based me
  67. I try to remember this, but it’s difficult
  68. I used to breed Ragdoll cats, but owning an intact male cat is 1000 times worse than owning an intact male dog
  69. I don’t breed cats anymore
  70. I’ll never breed cats again
  71. I’d like to own a Blue Russian cat someday
  72. I was a cheerleader my senior year of high school
  73. I miss my dad, especially when something goes wrong in the house or with the car – those times when daddy made everything right
  74. I’m very creative
  75. I bought a knitting loom, but haven’t used it yet
  76. I want to learn to spin yarn
  77. I took a pottery class – I loved it
  78. I want to be a beekeeper someday
  79. I want to own chickens again
  80. I’d like to try owning a milk goat, maybe…
  81. I tend to trust people completely
  82. If you break that trust, it’s almost impossible to regain
  83. I made mango jam for the first time last year
  84. I bought a pressure canner last year and I still haven’t used it
  85. I’d like to declutter, but it’s very, very hard to do
  86. It’s especially hard when you live in a 930 square foot house (we bought the house for the huge yard for the dogs)
  87. I really hate living in 930 square feet – the next house will be at least 1400
  88. I might run a CSA someday
  89. I’m interested in permaculture
  90. I’m interested in aquaponics
  91. I’m not interested in hydroponics, but I might be if they come up with organic nutrient solutions that are reasonably priced
  92. I worked on lookout towers in the mountains of eastern Washington state for two summers
  93. I almost went over a cliff driving up to one of the towers
  94. It was so close that my dad actually winced when he talked to the guy who pulled the truck to safety – my dad didn’t wince…
  95. I sold vacuum cleaners one summer – it sucked
  96. My first job was in the deli at Safeway – it sucked
  97. My favorite color is purple
  98. My second favorite color is green
  99. My kennel name is Shoshannah
  100. This exercise was much more difficult than I thought it would be!


Go ahead and share some things that I don’t know about you!

Until next time…

Go ahead and share some things that I don’t know about you!
Until next time…


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